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We are happy to introduce our line of accessories, adapters and replacement parts. These have been designed to complement and enhance our harnesses.

Help ‘Em Up Wash Bag

Protect your harness with the “Help Em Up Wash Bag” made of nylon mesh fabric with drawstring top and cord lock. Fits all harness sizes. Helps to keep your harness safe and separate from snags, tears and tangles in the washing machine. We recommend gentle cycle (cold or warm temp.) and air dry your harness. Our wash bag also works well as a carry, travel or storage bag for your harness.

Price: $6.50

Pelvic Pads

Available sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large

The Pelvic Pad adds additional support to the straps under your dogs’ pelvis. Should you lose your current pad or need to replace it, the pad can easily be attached to the straps utilizing its velcro closures. It can also be used to help hold the tail straps in place. Select a replacement size pelvic pad that matches the size of your harness.

Medium – $5.00

Large – $6.00

Out of stock

X-Large – $7.00

Neoprene Sleeves/Tubes

Comes in sets of 2.
Available sizes: Medium (6″ long), Large/X-Large (8″ long)

These handy padded tubes provide additional cushioning over the trailing (tail) straps and/or waist straps of the rear-end Hip Lift harness. They come in two different lengths based on your needs. Perfect for dogs who’s skin may be more sensitive or for those that may be lying in the harness for greater periods of time. Note: Tubes can be easily cut to fit shorter lengths and slide snug over the tail or waist straps.

Medium – $5.00

Large / X-Large – $6.00

Out of stock

Extender Straps

Comes in sets of 2.
Available sizes: Medium (adds 1-5″ each/10″ overall), Large/X-Large (adds 1-6″ each/12″ overall)

Help ‘Em Up Extender Straps are adjustable and clip into the harness to extend the length of the straps on the front shoulder harness (around the chest) and/or the rear-end Hip Lift harness (around the waist). Harness size is based on the weight of the dog, but should your dog fall outside the chest or waist measurements by a few inches, extender straps can help accommodate those measurements rather than sizing up a whole harness size. They also come in handy if your dog may have gained some weight over time and needs more room in the harness. Strap size should match the size of your harness.

Medium – $5.00

Large / X-Large – $7.50