Hello, all you wonderful people at Help ‘Em Up,

My dog Luke, a 52-pound golden retriever/mystery mix, is almost 15 years old. He has suffered from arthritis for a few years now, but he still loves to go for his longish walks. Taking glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, turmeric and an occasional doggy NSAID has been helping him continue to enjoy his walks. However, last Saturday morning he woke up and was unable to stand on his hind legs. I was devastated!!! Our vet found nothing wrong with him other than his arthritis and fortunately, by evening Luke was up and walking around again, although a bit wobbly. The vet at VERT emergency clinic recommended the Help ‘Em Up harness and yesterday I was able to take Luke to Mililani Mauka Vet Clinic (Hawaii) to get fitted for his new harness.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this harness means to both of us!!! I had watched Shandra and Nick’s video on your website and could not believe that Shandra could lift an 80-pound dog using the harness. I was amazed and thrilled when I discovered that I can lift Luke into the back of my Jeep using the harness! And he was so excited that he licked me all over the face!!!! We had been laboring at getting him into the car but now I can lift him into and out of the car with ease. I also purchased the walking handle and am able to take some weight off of Luke’s hind end when he has weakness.

This harness is a lifesaver and I am so grateful for it. Luke and I thank you very much!!! I have already recommended the harness to others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! This harness is the BEST!!!!

S. Klein Honolulu, Hawaii December 10, 2017