Take Your Dog to Work Day 2015

Take your dog to workDo you work in a dog friendly environment? We have all heard the phrase “working like a dog” but on June 26 it’s actually Take Your Dog to Work Day, an event sponsored by Pet Sitters International for more than 18 years. Why?

First, it raises awareness for the adoption of homeless animals. Additionally, research has shown that pets in the workplace bring many benefits including a reduction in stress and blood pressure, improvement in employee morale and motivation, lower absenteeism rates, improved relationships among co-workers, and a dose of comic release. More and more companies are allowing dogs in the workplace – in fact, about 1.4 million owners take some 2.3 million dogs to work every day, according to an American Pet Products Association survey.

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What To Expect From Your Senior Dog As He Ages

Because there is no Fountain of Youth, your dog ages just like we do. We get older, heavier, slower, and often crankier. These changes happen to your dog as well.

dreamstime_m_6797795 (1)_2Without a doubt, dogs age faster than people. Although conventional wisdom tells us that one human year equals seven dog years, there are too many  factors and variations that can affect this oversimplification. However, researchers agree that the term “senior” applies to large dogs around ages six or  seven and small dogs in their teens.  Size and breed often determine how fast a dog ages.

Senior dogs often have special care requirements that are different than puppies or younger dogs. It’s important to understand the difference between  normal aging in your dog and warning signs of an illness. Knowing what to expect will keep you one step ahead of your pack:

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