6 Common Ailments In Senior Dogs

dreamstime_m_34219756_2As we get older, you often notice your pace slowing down, your bones start to creak, minor pains can become major, and any added weight can result in diabetes or circulatory problems. Hopefully, you stay in shape and eat a healthy diet to minimize the risks of developing serious illnesses and complications as you head into your senior years.

As dogs age, they too are more prone to certain diseases and ailments. If you have a senior dog, you need to be aware of the signs your dog could have a chronic illness because they can be easily overlooked.

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How to Keep Your Older Dog From Aging Too Fast

dreamstime_m_30203722_2Beauty counters are filled with creams, wands, and magic potions to help keep us younger looking. However, what’s more important than looking younger is feeling younger, so that no matter your age, you feel healthy and happy.

The same holds true for our dogs. As dog owners, we want to do everything we can to help our older dogs feel good as long as possible, even into their senior years. We spoil them, play with them, and coddle them when they are sick.

There’s always more that we could be doing and it’s never too late to bump up the level of care we provide for them.

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