Is Your Older Dog Experiencing Behavior Problems?

olddog1The other day I went to visit a friend’s mother in a nursing home. When we were growing up, this woman was so sweet, always baking us cookies and other goodies when we came home from school. That is why I was so alarmed by the change in her behavior. She was combative, anxious and disoriented. Unfortunately, she was recently diagnosed with dementia.

I have seen a similar decline in older dogs as well. Their memories often fade, along with their hearing and eyesight. Their sleep patterns can be disrupted, causing them to sleep during the day and be awake most of the night. They may become incontinent, suddenly having accidents throughout the house. Their appetite may decrease while their anxiety increases.

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Does Your Senior Dog Have Cataracts?

dreamstime_m_37114190_2As we age, we tend to lose our near vision causing us to be forever looking for our reading glasses! This is due to a hardening of the lens in our eye, also referred to as nuclear sclerosis. More commonly it is called presbyopia, which literally translates into “old eye”. This occurs in older dogs as well causing their eyes to develop a grayish appearance. However, since dogs aren’t dependent on their near vision like we are it doesn’t usually cause a problem.

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