Does Your Older Dog Have Gum Disease?

dreamstimebrushingteethDo you brush your dog’s teeth twice a day? If not, lurking under his gums may be an accumulation of bacteria that starts out as gingivitis but can progress to periodontic disease. Generally there are no symptoms in the beginning … until it is too late! Left untreated, it can lead to chronic pain in your dog’s mouth and stomach and the loss of both bone and teeth. It could also be a precursor to kidney, heart and liver disease. Nobody would wish that on man’s best friend.

Gum disease is not just an illness for older dogs. It often appears around the age of three. What happens is that as soon as your dog eats, bacteria and saliva begin to form plaque on his teeth. If the plaque is not removed, the gums become inflamed, ultimately involving teeth having to be extracted.

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Help’Em Up Dog Mobility Harness Helped Me Out!

dog mobility harness, helpemupharnessI have sciatica. My husband has a bad shoulder and back. My 15-year-old dog has arthritis. What a fun threesome we are!

My 75-pound Labrador Buddy lives to hunt ducks with my husband. In fact, that is a big reason we moved to Texas after 40 years in Colorado. My husband and Buddy spend three months a year getting up at an unreasonable hour and enjoying time on the boat. Wouldn’t catch me getting out of bed at 4:30AM to set up decoys! And just so you know, all the meat that we can’t eat is donated to the church. In the summertime they take the boat out to fish … anyone want some free catfish?

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