The Advantages to Adopting a Senior Dog

Lindsey ZimmermanSenior Dogs

Without a doubt, puppies are adorable. They are so cute, playful, and energetic. If you are visiting an animal shelter, it’s hard to resist their cuddliness just begging to be adopted. However, senior dogs have many advantages over puppies. Generally, a senior dog is considered a dog over the age of seven years-old. They are often overlooked in shelters, seeming … Read More

Take Your Dog to Work Day 2015

Lindsey ZimmermanDog Holidays

Do you work in a dog friendly environment? We have all heard the phrase “working like a dog” but on June 26 it’s actually Take Your Dog to Work Day, an event sponsored by Pet Sitters International for more than 18 years. Why? First, it raises awareness for the adoption of homeless animals. Additionally, research has shown that pets in … Read More

What To Expect From Your Senior Dog As He Ages

Lindsey ZimmermanSenior Dogs

Because there is no Fountain of Youth, your dog ages just like we do. We get older, heavier, slower, and often crankier. These changes happen to your dog as well. Without a doubt, dogs age faster than people. Although conventional wisdom tells us that one human year equals seven dog years, there are too many  factors and variations that can … Read More

What Are The Different Kinds of Dog Harnesses?

Lindsey ZimmermanHarnesses

If you search for “dog harnesses” in Google, more than 4 million results are displayed. There are harnesses that are nylon, cotton or leather, harnesses for small and large dogs and everything in between. So what’s the difference? The major difference lies in its functionality. There are dog walking harnesses and dog mobility harnesses. Within those two categories there are … Read More

Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?

Lindsey ZimmermanDog Health

My dog used to jump up on my bed, happy to lick my face and cover me with kisses first thing in the morning. We could play “fetch” for hours as my dog eagerly lunged for a frisbee or endlessly caught a ball. When I announced “dinner” he used to be at his food bowl in a flash. As we … Read More

What is Hip Dysplasia in Dogs?

Lindsey ZimmermanDog Health

Although hip dysplasia can occur in cats, dogs and humans, for the purpose of this article we will focus on dogs. According to the ASPCA, hip dysplasia is an inherited disease that occurs when a hip joint is improperly formed. Because the hip joint is loose, the dog’s leg bones move around too much causing pain. It is one of … Read More

Traveling with Your Dog

Lindsey ZimmermanPet Adventures

As summertime is just around the corner, you may be thinking about taking a vacation with your family pet. Leaving a dog in a kennel or even with a home sitter, may make you anxious versus bringing him along. Plus, he doesn’t want to be left behind! Planning is the key to having a fun experience, making sure you have … Read More