Ten Things Your Senior Dog Wants to Tell You

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I talk to my dog all the time and yes, he does talk back. Studies have shown that the average dog knows about 165 words,  but mine is much smarter than that! I’m sure yours is too. Wouldn’t you love to know sometimes what your aging dog is thinking? When he gives you “that look”? He is more in tune … Read More

Preparing Your Senior Dog For a Move

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Moving is one of the most stressful events many of us will undergo. Spring and Summer are the two big moving times of the year; nobody would move in the cold and snow if they could help it! It can be physically and emotionally brutal no matter if you are downsizing (so much to get rid of) or upsizing (too … Read More

Could Your Senior Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

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On my child’s first day of school at pre-kindergarten, I was a nervous wreck. What if she cries? What if she hates it? What if she doesn’t make any friends? I opened the car door, waiting for her to start bawling. Instead, she waved goodbye and never even looked back. I was the one who fell apart! I was not … Read More

Could Your Senior Dog have Heart Worm?

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All across America, vets begin testing dogs (and cats) for heart worm in April, which is why April is National Heart Worm Awareness Month. It used to be that heart worm was only prevalent in certain parts of the country. Unfortunately, it has now been detected in all 50 states, with the disease spreading to new regions of the country … Read More

How Senior Pets Can Help Senior Citizens

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When my Mom passed away, there is no doubt my Dad was depressed. Sure, he stilled played poker once a week with his friends and went fishing when the weather was nice. He kept up many of his routines, like going to breakfast once/week. However, my Mom was really the “social” life of the family and my Dad was not … Read More

Dog Proofing Your Back Yard For Your Senior Dog

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If you’re like me, you are itching for winter to be over and for Spring to arrive. March brings with it the beginning of Spring, Easter and the start of daylight savings time … all which mean you’ll have more daylight hours to play with your dog! However, is your backyard pet proofed and poison proofed? With March also being … Read More

Could Your Senior Dog Have The Flu?

Cindy SmithDog Health

If you have had the flu recently, you know it is miserable – headaches, coughing, sneezing, nausea and a high fever. Although the symptoms for a dog are slightly different, did you know your dog can get what is known as “canine influenza virus” or “dog flu”? It can be equally as debilitating for dogs! What is Canine Flu? Canine … Read More

Does Your Older Dog Have Gum Disease?

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Do you brush your dog’s teeth twice a day? If not, lurking under his gums may be an accumulation of bacteria that starts out as gingivitis but can progress to periodontic disease. Generally there are no symptoms in the beginning … until it is too late! Left untreated, it can lead to chronic pain in your dog’s mouth and stomach … Read More

Help’Em Up Dog Mobility Harness Helped Me Out!

Cindy SmithPet Adventures, Senior Dogs

I have sciatica. My husband has a bad shoulder and back. My 15-year-old dog has arthritis. What a fun threesome we are! My 75-pound Labrador Buddy lives to hunt ducks with my husband. In fact, that is a big reason we moved to Texas after 40 years in Colorado. My husband and Buddy spend three months a year getting up … Read More

Tips to Help Your Senior Dog With Walking

Lindsey ZimmermanDog Safety

When I take my older dog to the dog park, I often see dogs pulling their owners when their on a leash. Sometimes it is hard to tell who is walking who! Since it is Walk Your Dog Month, we thought we would give you some tips to make walking your dog a little easier.