Up Close

  • Lifting and stabilizing your dog starts with a large front handle that makes it easy to get a grip at any time and maintain control.We have and a front D-ring and rear O-ring on the front half of the dog harness to make it easy to connect a leash to either end.Straps are made of nylon tubing and when needed are covered with padded neoprene sleeves to make the dog harness as comfortable as possible.
  • We use neoprene as our principle padding for maximum comfort, but neoprene is also buoyant so you can use the harness in water therapy and not worry about it damaging the material. It also drys very quickly after being wet. We ask that you always air dry the harness as machine drying is detrimental to neoprene.All of our padding is reinforced internally with nylon straps to ensure strength and durability. Ergonomically contoured, our harness has multiple areas of adjustment to allow you to scale the fit for your dog’s unique dimensions.
  • What truly makes our dog lifting harness unique is that when you lift, you’re lifting your dog’s weight from below, under their carriage, lifting the chest and pelvis. Our dog harness does not wrap around joints or pull on tendons. This makes the dog harness ideal for amputees or for dogs rehabilitating from ligament, knee surgeries, hip replacements or for just mobilizing an aging dog.The chest pad of the harness is lined with air flow mesh for cooling comfort. All piping is made of micro fleece to make edges as soft as possible. High-end fasteners are utilized throughout for maximum performance.
  • The Hip Lift portion of our harness is the key feature to our harness design. It provides a handle over your dog’s hips that allows you to control their movement or lift their pelvis with minimal effort from either of you.The are three components to Hip Lift: 1. The belly band, which is lined with micro fleece for maximum comfort; 2. Two neoprene padded support straps that help lift the pelvis; and 3. the movable pelvic pad, which combined with the other two elements, creates a webbing for your dog’s pelvis. This way you are lifting the entire pelvis at once, so that the tail does not drop and cause any pain.