Giving Thanks For My Dog

Cindy SmithSenior Dogs

As the hustle and bustle of the holidays draw near, we sometimes forget the simple things in life –what we are thankful for. As we are adding up our blessings, our family and friends often come to mind first.  It’s sometimes simple to overlook one of the most important aspects of our life: our canine and feline companions.

As a pet parent myself, I know that our dogs have brought me an endless source of love. Here is my list of what I am thankful for … I encourage you to make your own!

  • Slobbery greetings: When my kids were little, they used to jump up and down when I walked in the room screaming “Mommy”, “Mommy” like I had been gone for days instead of hours. Their enthusiasm was infectious. It’s impossible to stay in a crabby mood when someone is so happy to see you. During their teenage years, I was lucky to get a grunt. Then they moved out to lives of their own. However, I still have my faithful dog whose tail wags uncontrollably and does a happy dance when I arrive home.
  • Unconditional love. If I want to sit around in my sweat pants all day my dog does not judge me. He loves me with makeup on or off, when I’m happy or sad, and when I am old and wrinkled. Thank you for growing old gracefully with me.
  • Easily entertained. Do you know how many times I heard my kids say: “Mom I’m bored? You are easily amused. I can throw a ball or take you for a car ride and you’re just happy to be with me.
  • I might not be ready for an Iron Man competition, but your need to walk, fetch and play saves me from being a couch potato. Without you, I would have a million excuses not to exercise and I’d probably be at least 10 pounds heavier. You help keep me in tip top shape!
  • Well behaved. I have taken you to dog parks and even outdoor restaurants. I can take you anywhere and you are always obedient (thanks to our dog training lessons).
  • A good listener. When I want to scream about the injustice of it all or a bad day at work, you always listen. You never argue back or take the other person’s side.
  • Here and Now. Because I tend to be a worry wart, you have taught me to live for the moment. Dogs live for the here and now, not worrying about next week or the past. You have taught me to live for our walks where I can clear my head.

If I don’t show it often enough, THANK YOU!