The Best In Senior Dog Gifts

Lindsey ZimmermanDog Holidays

dreamstime_m_16036520_2If you’re like me, you are pondering what to get everyone for the holidays … chances are Mom and Dad have everything and the little ones have so many toys, they could open their own toy store!

And you can’t forget your dog, one of the most important members of your family. Because we deal with senior dogs all the time, here are our top 8 holiday gifts ideas for your pampered pooch:

  • The Help’Em™ Up Dog Harness – We would be remiss if we didn’t include this in our holiday gift ideas, particularly because it is designed for senior dogs. Many dogs get hip dysplasia, diabetes, and arthritis as they age and their mobility gets limited. The Help ’Em Up harness gives their hips a much needed lift so they can get in and out of the car, off the floor and up and down stairs. It’s a gift for you as well – it will save you from throwing your back out! The harnesses come in S, M, L and XL to fit every breed from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane.
  • Brindle Dog Beds – Older dogs, just like older people, can get sore bones and joints. These memory foam beds conform to your dog’s weight and pressure, relieving achy joints and cushioning bones against arthritis. Perfect for a dog recovering from surgery as well! Comes in small, medium or large to accommodate all sizes of dogs.
  • Game Changer – If your older dog gets bored or suffers from separation anxiety, the Game Changer is the perfect interactive toy to keep him occupied. Fill it with treats or kibble and your dog will spend hours spinning and playing with the toy to get to the food.
  • Zuke’s Treats – Everybody loves a treat and your dog is no exception. These healthy treats are available for both cats and dogs, come in varying sizes and come in scrumptious flavors like barbecue, teriyaki, roasted chicken, duck, pork and more.
  • Ruffwear Dog Coats and Booties – Just like you, your dog can get cold when the temperatures dip or it’s raining or snowing outside. Although most dogs don’t like to dress up, they will appreciate the warmth of these coats and boots. They also have reflective track jackets, camping gear and more if you are the adventurous type.
  • Dog massage. Who doesn’t love a good massage? Not sure what to do? Watch this “how to” video.
  • Chuck It. No matter their age, many dogs still love to retrieve. Unless you have an arm like a professional pitcher, it can be hard to throw a ball far enough so your dog can have fun retrieving it. Although the design has been imitated, this is the original. It saves your arm and allows you to throw a tennis ball up to 400 feet!
  • Spa Day. Many older dogs can no longer take care of their hygiene needs. Consider booking your dogs for the “works” including a bath, blow dry, nail clipping and filing, and ear and teeth cleaning.

Here’s wishing you and your dog a safe and happy holiday season. If your house is like ours, the dogs make out better than the humans!