Six Dog Friendly Holiday Activities

Cindy SmithDog Holidays

The holidays are a great time of the year to spend some quality time with our loved ones, whether human or furry. Although decorating, feasting and shopping are normal activities for us, they are not dog-friendly. Why not choose some dog friendly holiday activities where everyone can have fun?

Here are six pet friendly and family-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy!

Attend a Parade
Many small towns still have holiday parades that can be very festive. You get to see all the local businesses and schools with floats and marching band. Bring some mugs of hot chocolate and have everyone dress warm. Many stores even allow you to take a holiday picture with your dog and whole family!

Dog Games
Looking for some games to keep your dog out of trouble? Try these:

  • Hide and seek – Either you can hide or hide a bone or treat and ask your dog to find it. Hide and seek lets your dog use some of their natural scent tracking abilities.
  • Tug-of-war – This is a great way to wear your dog out and practice good manners. Remember to stop if your dog’s teeth touch your skin.
  • Cup Game – bout the cup game? All you must do is line up three cups on the floor in front of your dog. Take a yummy smelling treat and put it under one cup. Let your dog watch as you move the cups around. If he picks the right cup, give him the treat.
  • Throwing a Frisbee and teaching your dog to catch it is a great trick. Plus, it promotes your dog chasing over long distances and satisfies his natural drive to chase.
  • Create an agility course. It’s doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can create one easily using everyday materials. It’s a great source of mental stimulation for your dog. You can use a hula hoop to jump through, some blankets to jump over and some little mini cones to weave through
  • Chase bubbles. Both you small children and dogs will love this. If your dog doesn’t know how to play, begin by blowing a few bubbles. Point them out to them and encourage them to chase. Catch some yourself to show you dog that there’s nothing to worry about. Believe it or not, they make bubbles just for dogs!

Dog Toys
All dogs love new toys to keep them entertained and prevent boredom and destruction. The Busters Cube and Kong® are virtually indestructible puzzle toys that reward your dog with treats. BarkBox is a growing company subscription service starting at $22/month that sends your dog 2 new toys, 2 all-natural treats and a chew. For some additional fun, teach your dog the names of his toys. This may take a little work. Start off with one toy and give it a name. After practice and praise, your dog will begin associating the name with the toy. Once he has mastered the names of his toys, put all his dog toys in a pile and have him find them one by one.

Make Homemade Holiday Dog Cookies
We are using to making fudge and other sweets around the holidays, but what about some cookies specifically for your dog. There are many recipes that will give your dog a safe and sweet treat. Although he can’t partake in the preparation, he will love the outcome! Here are some great recipes from the American Kennel Club.

Go for a Holiday Walk
As much as you love to see the colorful lights in your neighborhood, your dog will too. Go for a long walk with your trusty dog by your side.

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, your dog will enjoy just relaxing with you. Pet your dog while you watch TV, with a big bowl of popcorn on your lap. There are some great Hallmark movies you can watch together.