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Help Em Up Dog Harness Accessories

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The new customized Help ‘Em Up Walking Handle and the Help ‘Em Up Walking Leash/Shoulder Strap provide additional walking assistance and extra leverage for owners of dogs using the Help ‘Em Up Harness.

The Help ‘Em Up Walking Handle has a unique pivoting feature that allows the handle to swivel, providing greater maneuverability and provides assistance for those dogs who may need extra leverage or help up with lifting their hips. It can attach to just the hip-lift handle, or to the front shoulder harness or both. The Walking Handle works well on all harness sizes (small – large) and as a rear-handle only with extra-large dogs.

The Help ‘Em Up Harness Walking Leash/Shoulder Straps come in two sizes: medium/large and extra-large to accompany dogs using the medium, large and extra-large Help ‘Em Up Harness. The Walking Leash is adjustable and is used for walking, but also doubles as a shoulder strap for extra leverage when lifting and/or walking with bigger dogs. It attaches to both the front shoulder harness and the back hip-lift.

Help ‘Em Up Walking Accessories are non-refundable

Walking Handle (one size)

Maximum Length: 21″ / Shortest Length: 8″

Price: $19.50

Walking Leash/Shoulder Strap (select your size)

Medium/Large: Maximum Length: 51″ / Shortest Length: 21″

Price: $24.50

X-Large: Maximum Length: 69″ / Shortest Length: 24″

Price: $29.50