Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?

Arthritic Dog, Old Dog, Elderly Dog
My dog used to jump up on my bed, happy to lick my face and cover me with kisses first thing in the morning. We could play “fetch” for hours as my dog eagerly lunged for a frisbee or endlessly caught a ball. When I announced “dinner” he used to be at his food bowl in a flash.

As we both have aged, we have slowed down considerably – unfortunately, my dog more so than myself. And like many dogs as they age, he has developed arthritis, an inflammation in his joints and ligaments that make him slow to get up from a prone position and less playful.

The good news is that technology and advances in veterinary medicine have enabled our dogs to live longer. On the flip side, this makes them more susceptible to degenerative joint and ligament diseases like arthritis. If you are a dog owner, it is important to educate yourself about arthritis as your dog ages, so you know what symptoms to look for and how to ease the pain.

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