Exercising Your Senior Dog

dreamstime_m_51170121_2As we age it’s easier to be sedentary versus active. Our muscles hurt, our back may throb and we have a million and one excuses why we can’t exercise. It’s easier to pick up the remote than to put your walking shoes on.

Like people, senior dogs need to exercise. Not at the pace of a puppy, who have a relentless amount of energy but at a slower pace.  Prevention is often the key to helping your dog live a long and happy life. He needs to exercise, be seen by a vet regularly, and eat a nutritious well balanced diet. It’s important for dog owners to understand their dog’s limits and create an exercise routine that all parties will enjoy.

The aging process brings with it loss of muscle tone and balance, which can lead to inactivity. Inactivity leads to weight gain and added stress on joints that are no longer well supported by adequate muscle mass. It can become a vicious circle!

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