The Help ‘Em Up® Harness Is Ideal for Managing Mobility Issues

#mobilityharness #dogliftingharnessAs we age, it can get harder to climb up and down the stairs, get up from a chair or bed, and get in and out of cars. Seniors may even need some help temporarily if they are recovering from surgery or have arthritis.

The same holds true for dogs. It is difficult for many aging dogs to get around like they used to which can be both physically and psychologically challenging for them.

That’s why we developed the The Help ‘Em Up® Harness, with a patented hip lift. It is a full body harness that puts a front handle over the shoulder harness and another one over the rear hip-lift so you can gently grab the handles and help your dog get up!  It lifts from the greatest areas of mass under a dog’s torso, so it takes the pressure off a dog’s legs, hips, shoulders and spine.  And, it can help save your back as well.

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