Keeping Your Senior Dog Warm In The Winter

dreamstime_xxl_7394872_2Even if you live in hot and sunny climates such as Arizona, Florida and California, the temperatures can dip and get below freezing at night. If you live in colder spots throughout the country, you and your dog may have to battle the rain, ice and cold. During the winter season, many dogs feel the cold as much as their owners do, especially when they are not used to frigid temperatures.
Both puppies and older dogs are more vulnerable to colder temperatures than dogs in their prime years.  Additionally, certain breeds of dogs are bred for the snow and cold. These include mastiffs, sheep dogs, Bernese mountain dogs, and Alaskan malamutes, for instance.  And although your dog may have a fur coat, it does not help in the bitter cold. Know that dogs with a double coat are able to stay warmer than those with a single coat, as they lack an undercoat.

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