Could Your Senior Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

dreamstimeanxiousdogOn my child’s first day of school at pre-kindergarten, I was a nervous wreck. What if she cries? What if she hates it? What if she doesn’t make any friends?

I opened the car door, waiting for her to start bawling. Instead, she waved goodbye and never even looked back. I was the one who fell apart!

I was not so lucky with my dog Buddy. He became attached to me. Very attached.  If I left him in the house alone, he would poop in the same spot, even if I had just let him out. He never had toileting issues if I was home. If I left him outside, he would not quit howling until my car pulled up.  To say the least, I was not popular in the neighborhood!

When I walked back in the door, he acted like I had been away for a year!

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