How Senior Pets Can Help Senior Citizens

dreamstime_xl_47904587When my Mom passed away, there is no doubt my Dad was depressed. Sure, he stilled played poker once a week with his friends and went fishing when the weather was nice. He kept up many of his routines, like going to breakfast once/week. However, my Mom was really the “social” life of the family and my Dad was not comfortable calling people up to come over for dinner … he can burn macaroni and cheese!

That’s when I came up with the great idea to buy him a dog. Now I know they say not to buy dogs as presents, but I know my Dad well.  Really well. I knew a big dog would be unmanageable for him. Same with a puppy. After much research and a visit to the local shelter, I decided on a 6-year-old Maltese named Max.

A senior dog for my senior Dad. Perfect.

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