Jenna Arnaiz, DVM

Here at SVS, we truly believe the Help ‘Em Ups are the best option for assisting families with their pets with ambulation or balance problems. In that way, thank you all for your innovation and design. The harness is comfortable for the pets to wear and also comfortable for our staff and families to use. Not to sound too dramatic, but I do believe the Help ‘Em Ups saves lives. Unfortunately, some families may decide to put animals to sleep when left with the option of taking care of a ‘down’ large breed dog. Not that it’s an easy task, but the Help ‘Em Up Harness makes it much easier to help move these pets around and keep them by your side longer. We truly appreciate the work that your company does!

Jenna Arnaiz, DVM Emergency & Veterinary Outreach, Seattle Veterinary Specialists February 29, 2016

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