Mello With a Help' Em Up Dog Mobility Harness, Dog Hip Harness

I would like to share with you how very helpful the Helpemup Harness has been to 11-year-old lab, Mello. Last fall, Mel began to have difficulty getting up from a sitting position. Although he was unable to stand on his own, once he was on his feet he was able to walk. It was determined to a tumor located on his lower spine, which was removed with surgery, and Mel is now cancer free. Our hope was he would stand on his own again, but this did not happen. Your harness has given Mel such great help! Mel is very comfortable in the harness and lifting him is no longer a struggle. Once we get him up, he is able to get his rear legs in a position to walk, which thankfully he does very well now. Our family thanks you and looks forward to many more years with our very special, loyal friend – and his handsome new harness!

M. Predatsch & Family New York March 24, 2014

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