Miss Daisy

I have to tell you- I love this harness! We recently moved into a new home, and little did I realize that every entrance into our new home had anywhere from 3- 5 small steps. My almost 14-year-old Golden Retriever, Daisy, just cannot do stairs anymore. And since she is 70 lbs., I can barely lift her. It was becoming unsafe for me, and her, for me to try to lift her and my husband is only home in the early morning and evenings to do it (effortlessly, I might add.) So Daisy and I have struggled for the past 2 weeks. I tried a nice ramp and she REFUSED to use it, even laden with treats.

My new vet told me about the Help ‘Em Up Harness and I have to say- IT IS AMAZING!! I can get her in and out of the house now to do her business so easily! nd she doesn’t fight it (like she did with the ramp and the awkwardness of being picked up) or mind wearing her harness. The Help ‘Em Up fits perfectly. Thank you so much!!! Even my husband is so thankful he doesn’t have to lift her anymore.

S. Hays Aurora, CO February 29, 2016

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