Onyx – in memoriam

In June 2014 my 14 year old Standard Poodle, Onyx, began having problems walking because of his arthritis. His balance was off because the arthritis was pinching the nerves in his rear legs which caused his paws to go numb. He was unstable on his feet and despite his treatments, was unable to walk on his own.

For two weeks I was carrying a 65lb dog outside to do his business and up and down the stairs of my town home. The idea of putting him down never crossed my mind because he was as healthy as an ox other than his arthritis.

On a follow up visit to the vet she suggested I look into your harnesses. I knew it was exactly what Onyx needed so I ordered a harness in July 2014. Onyx and I were able to enjoy the rest of the summer doing the things we loved. We were able to do short hikes on flat trails and go camping at our favorite spots. He was even able to swim if I held him by the harness. When winter rolled around Onyx’s’ condition deteriorated so I ordered the walking leash to help me out. We were still able to walk around the neighborhood and on the bike path through town. Wherever we went I always got asked about your harness which I gladly told everyone about how it changed our life.

Onyx made it through the winter but by February he was not able to walk at all except with me holding 100% of his weight. My vet and I were amazed at how accepting he was of his situation. His will to live was amazing but I’m sure that would not have been the case if he were immobile. We were able to get a few more camping trips in this spring before a small cancerous mass that started on his leg moved into his lungs. On May 11th 2015 Onyx passed on to the other side.

I cannot thank you enough for making a product like the Help ‘Em Harness. If it were not for your harness I would have lost my loyal companion before he was ready to go. I got almost another year of life and enjoyment with my faithful friend thanks to the Help ‘Em Up. Not only is your product well designed and made of quality material, you are a Colorado company. Being a small business owner myself I always try to support local businesses, and your customer service is as good as your product. I know it can help other dogs and their owners that are in situations similar to mine.

V. Puleo Steamboat Springs, CO June 16, 2015

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