Wally Wearing the Help 'Em Up Harness & Dog Lift

At almost 14 years old, Wally has front legs that are often sore with arthritis and back legs that don’t always have the strength to easily get up from wood floors. He was managing pretty well until he suffered a bout of Vestibular Disease-which left him dizzy and unsteady on his feet. He was too heavy for us to carry so we immediately purchased this incredible harness. While he recovered from his dizziness, it helped us steady him and gently guide him up and down steps to be outside. And as he became healthy again, we realized it was also an incredible help to his life in general. He doesn’t mind it a bit – wears it 24/7 – and he is back asking to go outside and playing in the snow because the steps no longer hurt his legs. A gentle grasp of the front handle helps take pressure off front legs going down stairs and a gentle lift of the back handle helps boost him going up stairs. And when he gets “stuck” on a wood floor, we an easily help him up without risk of injury to him or us! It has truly been life-changing for us all and I think may have added valuable, happy time to his wonderful life. Thank you so much!

The Fisher Family Denver, CO April 1, 2014