The Help ‘Em Up® Harness Is Ideal for Mobility

Cindy SmithDog Health, Senior Dogs

As we age, it can get harder to climb up and down the stairs, get up from a chair or bed, and get in and out of cars. Seniors may even need some help temporarily if they are recovering from surgery or have arthritis.

The same holds true for dogs. It is difficult for many aging dogs to get around like they used to which can be both physically and psychologically challenging for them.

That’s why we developed the The Help ‘Em Up® Harness, with a patented hip lift. It is a full body harness that puts a front handle over the shoulder harness and another one over the rear hip-lift so you can gently grab the handles and help your dog get up!  It lifts from the greatest areas of mass under a dog’s torso, so it takes the pressure off a dog’s legs, hips, shoulders and spine.  And, it can help save your back as well.

What The Harness Can Be Used For:

  • Help Your Dog Up and Down Stairs. Many dogs can have issues with stairs. You don’t need to completely lift him up, just lend a helping hand and support his hips while walking beside him as you hold on to the banister so you don’t fall.
  • Help Your Dog Into a Car. A dog with joint problems may have trouble jumping up into and out of a car. The Help ‘Em Up® Harness has two safety handles to lift even the largest dog in and out of a vehicle.
  • Help Your Dog Into a Boat. Your lifestyle may involve boating and fishing and you don’t want your aging dog to miss out or be left behind. Our harness will help you grab the whole body, especially the hips, to help get you dog back in the boat!
  • Helping Your Dog To Do His Business Outside. The Help ‘Em Up® Harness doesn’t cover your dog’s private parts, making it easy for him to toilet outside and for you to get him there.
  • Helping Your Dog Walk. Some dogs may be semi-mobile and still love to walk outside. You can purchase additional walking aides such as a walking leash/shoulder strap or a walking handle to let your dog enjoy the great outdoors even more. These are custom to attach to the harness and can help hold your dog up while walking.
  • Carrying Your Dog Around. If you dog is entirely dependent on you to get around, you need a mobility harness that is safe for both of you. The Help ‘Em Up® Harness is cushioned and comfortable to wear and can stay on a dog for extended periods of time, unlike towels or slings you need to rig with each use.

Why Would a Dog Need a Harness?

  • Hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia can occur in dogs of all sizes but is most common in larger breeds. In dogs with this condition, the hip ball and socket do not fit or develop properly, rubbing and grinding instead of sliding smoothly. This results in deterioration over time and an eventual loss of function of the joint itself.
  • Arthritis in dogs causes joint inflammation, resulting in extreme discomfort, pain and stiffness.
  • Injury. If you dog has suffered a sprain or broken bone, he may need time to rehabilitate and getting up or walking may be very difficult.
  • While your dog recovers from surgery, you don’t want him to cause further damage or pop a stitch. Many veterinarians and orthopedic surgeons recommend the harness while the dog is rehabilitating.
  • Dogs who are getting on in years may have mobility issues. The Help ‘Em Up® Harness gives them the lift they need to manage and overcome daily obstacles.

What Makes The Help ‘Em Up® Harness Unique

  • It’s patented rear Hip-lift design. This helps you lift their hind quarters and help them get up.
  • Quality materials. The chest and back panels are lined with air flow materials and perforated neoprene to keep the harness as cool and comfortable as possible. Straps are also covered with neoprene sleeves for cushion and friction areas are covered with super soft micro fleece. The harness can be machine or hand washed and air dried.
  • If you have ever tried to use a towel or sling to lift a dog, you know it takes some rigging. The Help ‘Em Up® Harness has all the components you need in one easy harness that can stay on your dog. It is designed like gear.  And there are no ramps to be moved or adjusted.
  • Extended period of time. The Help ‘Em Up® Harness can be worn for lengthy periods of time, but should be removed occasionally to give your dog a break. It is padded, cushioned and comfortable to wear.
  • Variety of sizes. Whether you have a chihuahua or a Great Dane, The Help ‘Em Up® Harness comes in five sizes – x-small, small, medium, large and x-large.


If you are looking for a mobility harness that is comfortable, safe and will extend your dog’s ability to move, call Help ‘Em Up® today at 720-237-6852. Or better yet, visit us online at