This was Blue. We lost her a few years back to cancer. As she aged, she lost energy and strength but it became important to us to keep her with us. As a result, getting over obstacles became a challenge. As you can see, she was never going to be left behind.

Chances are you have a dog just like this or you wouldn’t be here looking at this site. Because of that, you’re the owner we made it for.

My name is Cary Zimmerman and my wife Lindsey and I invite you to look over the following pages and discover this unique dog harness that could add more time on the trail for you and your best friend. Dogs are living longer. Between better nutrition and better vet care, we are keeping them with us years longer, but it’s impossible to prevent the aging of their joints and bones.

This is why Lindsey and I have dedicated our company to the challenges of mature pets and pets with disabilities. They shouldn’t be left behind when with a little help, they can still get out and enjoy every day.

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