Help 'Em Up Harness Features Diagram
  • Front Handle

    Large Front Handle and D-ring for attaching leash

  • Chest Straps

    Chest straps, 2 fasteners and Neoprene sleeves for total comfort

  • Adjust Length

    O-ring- connector clip and strap adjust for length of dog

  • Rear Handle

    Small rear handle above the hips and two connecting fasteners for rear straps

  • Rear Support

    Two adjustable padded rear support straps running on either side of the tail

  • Shoulder Straps

    Shoulder straps and fasteners with padded Neoprene sleeves

  • Chest Pad

    New O-ring and adjustable strap to better position chest pad under rib cage

  • Belly Band

    Belly Band with two connecting fasteners for waist adjustment

  • Comfort

    Micro fleece lining and Neoprene padded straps for maximum comfort

  • Hip Lift

    Movable pelvic pad – located under pelvis for extra support