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Pals Success Story – learning to Walk Again!

Last Spring, my dog was in a terrible accident and was paralyzed from the waist back. He had no movement in his back legs at all. Little by little, and with lots of therapy, he was able to regain his ability to walk. Honestly I don’t think we could have done it without the Help ‘Em Up Harness. The ease of using the two handles on the harness helped us to get him around and in and out of the car for all those rehab visits. Your invention played a huge part in Pal’s recovery! We hope this inspires other folks if they find themselves and their pup in the same situation.

—Pablo D.


Thank you! Your harness gave our beloved Irish Setter, Kassadey, the ability to live longer without leading to fracture based on her diagnosis of Osteosarcoma. Without it we would have lost five weeks of loving and special time with her that has meant everything to us. She kept her dignity to the very end. Thank you for making a product that maintained her mobility with a little help from us to the end. Well-made and comfortable, your harness allowed us to lift and move her when she became more vulnerable – and she weighed almost 90-pounds- when needed. I managed her movement on her own, thanks to your harness. You saved us back pain too. We are eternally grateful for your company and your amazing product. And we plan to pass our harness along within the family as our other family pets age and need help from their owners and best friends.

—Lisa T.
New York


Our sweet Lilah is severely arthritic and has been unable to walk on her own for months now. She still loves to explore though, so we have been searching for ways to increase her mobility. The Help Em Up Harness is perfect for her! It allows her to feel like she is getting around on her own, but the extra support keeps her from falling over. The design is really supportive and she doesn’t seem to mind wearing it. She’s taken her first steps in about a year with her new harness! She gives it two ears up!

—Elizabeth C.


I dont know what we would have done without the help em up harness for the last couple years of our Sasha’s life. We just recently had to say goodbye, but the harness helped us to help her back and forth to rehab every week, and help while going potty. I can’t recommend this product line enough!

—Jennifer Cornaro


Thank you Help Em Up Harness for giving my dog and myself a little extra boost when we needed it most. My sweet Shepherd, Anya was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy years ago. We unfortunately lost her in July 2016, but we were able to keep her going as long as we did thanks to this harness and our wonderful physical therapist.

—Meredith W.

Elvis Pugsley

I just love this harness that helps me help my little dog Elvis Pugsley up off the floor!
He has hip dysplasia and I’m no spring chicken! This is a life saver for my back too!

—Barbara S.
Long Island, NY


We are most grateful and have full hearts that we found the Help ‘Em Up Harness! It has been a true blessing and lifesaver for us. Our ginormous hunk of love “BIG TUK” has arthritis in his hip area and most recently has had trouble with stairs, getting in and out of the car or on the boat. He also suffers from separation anxiety and so he literally goes everywhere with us. We feel more confident now with this harness as we assist him when he’s needing help. It’s literally extending his life and honestly he looks quite sporty in his new accessory. It fits great, is extremely well made and easy to assemble on our big fella. Thank you for all that you are doing to assist the aging population in their golden years.

—Susan, Neil and of course BIG TUK


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making our lives so much better. Our almost 14 year old Golden, Lennox, has had increasing mobility issues. This harness has allowed us more quality time with our boy. He is our entire world and these precious moments are irreplaceable.

—A. Lauren


My girl Jana has passed now. But I can honestly say she was with us for about 8 months longer purely because we used this harness. It bought us time. Time I am forever grateful for.




I received my Help ‘Em Up Harness for my dog and wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. This harness will greatly ease my stress and put a smile on my face. I feel relieved knowing Kip has a harness that will properly secure him. I truly feel blessed to have found Help ‘Em Up Harness because it has been a life saver! THANK YOU AGAIN!🙏🏼Kip thanks you too!

—A. Patel

Help ‘Em Up harness is a life saver


I want to thank you for making this harness! We’ve tried other harnesses and slings and they were okay for the moment and they did their job but the Help ‘Em Up harness is a life saver! Our German shepherd mix Tyson is 13 years old and has been living with degenerative myelopathy for about two years now. We felt so helpless when his hind legs would give out on him and we didn’t know how to help him. He still has so much life in him. He loves to go for walks and explore the world outside and this harness has made him and us more confident and secure while we’re out and about. Thank you again!

—M. Gomez



Our older Lab Sam was in his declining years. His hips were beginning to fail. In addition to Medication, we try Hydro Therapy and Acupuncture which helped some. The Vet told us about Help ‘Em Up. We thought about getting one but waited. We just helped him around with his collar and our hands on his hips. On a Friday Sams experienced a rapid decline in his hips. That afternoon I ordered a Harness as a last resort. I paid for Overnight Saturday delivery. The Harness arrived at 10am Saturday. Yes… It takes a few minutes to figure out exactly how to get it in on and adjusted. It was worth the time it took. Sam went from being almost immobile to being able to go outside for his business and able to eat and drink with just being helped up so he could walk on his own. Because of the Help ‘Em Up Harness, we were able to share a few more months with our beloved Sam. Like many others, I wish I had ordered it sooner. Thank You for giving us more time with Sam, Rest in Peace dear boy.


Deja Blue

Our Deja Blue in her favorite harness ❤️ She will be celebrating her 12th or 84th birthday in September 🎈🎉 Thank you helpemup for giving her back her mobility ❤️


Thank you Help Em Up Harness… from the bottom of my ❤️
Your product is AMAZING…I have recommended it to soo many owners of elderly puppers!!❤️😂

—Benjamin Ogden


Our girl Samantha before her DM was too bad. The Help Em Up Harness absolutely helped her continue to do the things she loved as the disease progressed. Lost her one month ago and miss her every day.

—Leslie Fry Sonne


Thank you so much for your product it has helped my senior dog Denali enjoy his walks again I recommend your product to all my clients who may need your product.

—Keith Dan


Joplin is 15 and now finding it hard to fight through her degenerative myelopathy and cancer. Your harness has given her the dignity and us the ability to stabilize her as she attempts to walk and squat without falling. We truly could not do this without it. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for giving us this gift of her dignity. 💛

—Cheryl Binder


I couldn’t have rehabilitated my wonderful Diesel after a spinal clot during a back op that completely paralysed him without this wonderful harness. Diesel was 52kgs! The Company were so helpful to me on the phone I can’y recommend them highly enough. I had Diesel for 14 further precious months due to being able to manage him with this harness.


Our rear paralyzed guy wears his helpemup harness daily! It’s what gives us the ability to care for a 55 lb rear paralyzed pup whose busy doing great things in the community.

—Carolann Sharpe


Blade loves his and so do I. What a life-saver!

—Dreama Griffin


Deja got a new @helpemup harness today to help her stay mobile. For those who don’t know her arthritis is progressed, she has been carried up and down stairs by dad (and she is 68lbs) since she was in so much pain over a week ago that she wouldn’t walk at all due to the pain in her back legs and hips, she doesn’t often get up to greet me anymore when I get home from work and she has a REALLY hard time standing up, especially on our laminate flooring. Today, with dad holding on to the hip support handle she walked up our back deck stairs and she was SO excited! I was also able to easily pick her up by both handles and help her stand up by easily lifting up on the hip support. We only just put it on an hour ago and already are so happy with it and more importantly so is Deja, truly a great product. Thank you


Brewster – The Miracle Dog

I just wanted to share Brewster wearing his harness. He was completely paralyzed and we were told he would never walk again. Underwater Treadmill, physical therapy, and your Help ‘Em Up Harness have changed his life! Just can’t help being grateful for the tools available and proud of the hard work Brew did.

—D. Handtmann
Beaverton, OR


I got the Help ‘Em Up for my 9-year-old Newfoundland, Wilson. His hind-quarters have gotten weaker over the years especially since he has been diagnosed with heart problems. This harness has been a godsend – It makes helping him get up, get in our minivan, going up and down stairs so much easier. And putting it is very easy especially since I think he knows how it helps him! This harness is worth its weight in gold. Thanks for making a very well made, easy to use, affordable product.

—D. Kramer
Chardon, OH


Hello, all you wonderful people at Help ‘Em Up,

My dog Luke, a 52-pound golden retriever/mystery mix, is almost 15 years old. He has suffered from arthritis for a few years now, but he still loves to go for his longish walks. Taking glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, turmeric and an occasional doggy NSAID has been helping him continue to enjoy his walks. However, last Saturday morning he woke up and was unable to stand on his hind legs. I was devastated!!! Our vet found nothing wrong with him other than his arthritis and fortunately, by evening Luke was up and walking around again, although a bit wobbly. The vet at VERT emergency clinic recommended the Help ‘Em Up harness and yesterday I was able to take Luke to Mililani Mauka Vet Clinic (Hawaii) to get fitted for his new harness.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this harness means to both of us!!! I had watched Shandra and Nick’s video on your website and could not believe that Shandra could lift an 80-pound dog using the harness. I was amazed and thrilled when I discovered that I can lift Luke into the back of my Jeep using the harness! And he was so excited that he licked me all over the face!!!! We had been laboring at getting him into the car but now I can lift him into and out of the car with ease. I also purchased the walking handle and am able to take some weight off of Luke’s hind end when he has weakness.

This harness is a lifesaver and I am so grateful for it. Luke and I thank you very much!!! I have already recommended the harness to others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! This harness is the BEST!!!!

—S. Klein
Honolulu, Hawaii


My dog Trixie’s back legs have been on the decline for the past few weeks and I wanted to tell you how your harness has been a lifesaver, almost literally. Without it she can’t walk anymore, she essentially pulls herself around the house, it’s heartbreaking. The back hip-lift handle helps us to assist her from one point to another. And using it with your walking accessory gives her confidence – as you can see she is clearly smiling, which makes me smile! Trixie is my world, so being able to have something to help keep her quality of life good as well as being able to have more time with her means so much to me. Thank you!

—V. Marker
Aurora, CO


Recently I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 15 years, my boy Chance. Using your harness over the last two years allowed us to share more time together. As I grieve, I am so thankful for having the extra time with him, so thank you for making a good product that truly makes a difference.

—C. Thompson
Alexandria, VA


My sweet Lily, a 14-year-old golden retriever was diagnosed with peripheral vestibular syndrome. She was unable to stand or walk and to make things worse she had lost an eye this spring. The Help Em Up Harness has been a godsend! My veterinarian recommended it and it allowed me to bring Lily home to recover. It was easy to fit and has allowed me to get her out and walk with assistance. I also use one of the walking accessories and it’s perfect to help when she loses her balance and prevents further injury. The stairs are still a challenge, but with the assistance from the Harness, Lily is able to manage them with ease. This Help ‘Em Up Harness was worth every penny and has given Lily a wonderful quality of life. Thank you for this wonderful harness.

—D. Hebard
Orchard Park, NY

Jenna Arnaiz, DVM

Here at SVS, we truly believe the Help ‘Em Ups are the best option for assisting families with their pets with ambulation or balance problems. In that way, thank you all for your innovation and design. The harness is comfortable for the pets to wear and also comfortable for our staff and families to use. Not to sound too dramatic, but I do believe the Help ‘Em Ups saves lives. Unfortunately, some families may decide to put animals to sleep when left with the option of taking care of a ‘down’ large breed dog. Not that it’s an easy task, but the Help ‘Em Up Harness makes it much easier to help move these pets around and keep them by your side longer. We truly appreciate the work that your company does!

—Jenna Arnaiz, DVM Emergency & Veterinary Outreach
Seattle Veterinary Specialists

Miss Daisy

I have to tell you- I love this harness! We recently moved into a new home, and little did I realize that every entrance into our new home had anywhere from 3- 5 small steps. My almost 14-year-old Golden Retriever, Daisy, just cannot do stairs anymore. And since she is 70 lbs., I can barely lift her. It was becoming unsafe for me, and her, for me to try to lift her and my husband is only home in the early morning and evenings to do it (effortlessly, I might add.) So Daisy and I have struggled for the past 2 weeks. I tried a nice ramp and she REFUSED to use it, even laden with treats.

My new vet told me about the Help ‘Em Up Harness and I have to say- IT IS AMAZING!! I can get her in and out of the house now to do her business so easily! nd she doesn’t fight it (like she did with the ramp and the awkwardness of being picked up) or mind wearing her harness. The Help ‘Em Up fits perfectly. Thank you so much!!! Even my husband is so thankful he doesn’t have to lift her anymore.

—S. Hays
Aurora, CO


We just wanted you to know how fantastic your product is. Our 11-year-old sweet girl, Sori, a Golden Retriever, started having seizures in June and soon it was hard for her to walk or do steps. It was so hard to see her limited and unable to do what she likes. We used your Help ‘Em Up to manage her every day. Then she had brain surgery for her meningioma. As soon as she could, at the hospital she was back in the harness for therapy, and then at home, wore it daily for safety and so we could help her progress with basic activities like a 3 am potty trip outside! We could not have made it before or after surgery without Help ‘Em Up. Thank you!

—Beth, John and our sunshine, our girl Sori
Seattle, WA


Thank you so much for our Help ‘Em Up Harness. We love the harness and the support it provides to our twelve-year-old female Boxer, Casey! She seems very comfortable in her harness and we can see a clear difference in her walking. We love this harness and recommend it to any parents of a senior dog!

—The Ribecchi Family
Deptford, NJ


We were referred to you by our vet. Our 14-year-old cattle dog who has a completely blown out knee got her Help ‘Em Up Harness yesterday. She adapted to it in a matter of hours and is now able to get around quite a bit (with assistance) while she waits for her brace to be made.

Thank you for making such a fantastic product! It’s high-quality, very well designed and has already improved her (and her humans’) quality of life tremendously. This is one of the best and most unique products I’ve come across in a very long time. On top of that, your rapid order fulfillment, excellent customer service made you a pleasure to do business with.

—B. Pataky
Mountainview, CA


My husband and I ordered a Help ‘Em Up Harness from you and I just want to thank you for making such a great product available. Our Lab mix, Toby, had to have surgery for a herniated disk. Unfortunately for him, it was not the first time. Previously, he was up walking the next day, but not this time. He couldn’t move his legs for two weeks and the surgical vet kept him until the catheter could be taken out. When we got him back, Toby was a bag of bones, from the surgery and no exercise. We had to haul him around with a towel under his stomach to go out in the yard to do his business. My husband had a herniated disk late last year. No surgery, but a weekend of towing Toby around put Steve to bed and I was not able to handle Toby alone. Our regular vet boarded him and began rehabilitation therapy, and suggested your Help ‘Em Up Harness. Needless to say, it was exactly what we needed. We were beginning to wonder if Toby would walk, and if he couldn’t, what would we do? The harness made it so much easier for both of us to handle Toby! He has been in therapy for seven weeks and began walking on his own after five. He still stumbles and hasn’t gotten complete control back yet, but the vet is hopeful that he will have a near complete recovery! I don’t know what would have been his future if not for the harness. It literally saved his life. We still use it so that I can get him in and out of the car by myself, and up more than a couple of stairs. It’s a great product and thanks so much for making it! Thanks from Toby too.

—The Andersons
Huntsville, AL


My precious LENA is a 14-year old lab and has severe arthritis and joint issues leaving her back legs almost useless. I try to take her to swim therapy every week, but it had gotten so difficult for an old lady like myself, to lift up a 105 lb old lab from my station wagon, much less get the wet dog back in the car. The last time I tried, I pulled my back out and it took me a week to get over it. I had almost given up trying with ramps and other remedies. The vet recommended your product and it is a godsend. Now, all I have to do is put the Help Em Up Harness on Lena and it is so easy to get her to the vet, to the pool, in the car or where ever she wants to go. You will never know how much I appreciate the product. Thank you and I will certainly tell everyone about how much it has helped me.

—G. Burris


We just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for getting us the Help ‘Em Up Harness & Hip Lift as soon as possible. It works GREAT!! Before we got it, we had been lifting Ophelia every day since her amputation, and she cried and wailed (no matter how tender or careful we tried to be). We properly fitted the harness & hip lift and was able to pick her up without a single whimper! It’s beautiful, and we can’t thank you enough. We are so glad that our surgeon recommended your product. It saved our sweet girl from so much unnecessary pain during this time. We will recommend your harness to everyone who loves their dogs.

—M. and H. Steranka


At almost 14 years old, Wally has front legs that are often sore with arthritis and back legs that don’t always have the strength to easily get up from wood floors. He was managing pretty well until he suffered a bout of Vestibular Disease-which left him dizzy and unsteady on his feet. He was too heavy for us to carry so we immediately purchased this incredible harness. While he recovered from his dizziness, it helped us steady him and gently guide him up and down steps to be outside. And as he became healthy again, we realized it was also an incredible help to his life in general. He doesn’t mind it a bit – wears it 24/7 – and he is back asking to go outside and playing in the snow because the steps no longer hurt his legs. A gentle grasp of the front handle helps take pressure off front legs going down stairs and a gentle lift of the back handle helps boost him going up stairs. And when he gets “stuck” on a wood floor, we an easily help him up without risk of injury to him or us! It has truly been life-changing for us all and I think may have added valuable, happy time to his wonderful life. Thank you so much!

—The Fisher Family
Denver, CO

Kit. E. Boy

Created originally with dogs in mind, now some veterinarians and rehabilitation specialists are using the small version of the Help ’Em Up™ Harness for feline patients over 10 pounds recovering from surgery. Kit. E. Boy is one new feline patient at Sterling Impression Animal Rehabilitation Center of New England: “The Help ’Em Up Harness has become a vital tool in the rehabilitation of our feline friend. Recovering from cerebellar meningioma removal, his ability to walk again is astonishing and a true testament to the life altering support and versatility of the Help ’Em Up Harness”

—Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP Sterling Impression Animal Rehabilitation Center of New England
Walpole, MA


Thank you for designing such a great harness and tool for older dogs. Our Golden Retriever Scout is adapting to the harness well and what a much better solution to other single point of contact harnesses on the market today! We also appreciate you reviewing the additional benefits of the harness for Scout by helping him down the stairs with his vision and taking extra weight off of his front shoulders. All that makes so much sense. The design and makeup of the harness are top quality and set up is easy. It’s really helped him, and since it’s padded and of great design, he can wear it most of the day with no issues. We love the harness and so does Scout!

—B. & K. Longacre
St. Louis, MO


We bought your Help ‘Em Up Harness a couple of years ago for our dog Maddy. We wanted to let you know how thankful we are that we found the harness for her. Sadly she passed away a few weeks ago. Your product helped us help her have a more active, happy life! Over the last six months, she had been on a seizure medication that made her hind limbs limited in use. With the harness, we were able to help her get around a lot better. We sorely miss, and will continue to recommend your product and hope you continue to do well and help others as you’ve helped us!

—D. & K. Gorman

Lilly, the Pit Bull Hero

This is the story of Lilly – the Pit Bull Hero – and the incredible rescue of her owner: Eight-year old Lilly was hit by a train in early May — before she was hit, Lilly pulled her owner out of the tracks and sacrificed herself to save a human life. Her right front leg could not be repaired and the only option was to amputate the entire limb. She endured a second surgery to repair her pelvis and rear left leg which is now supported with steel plates. Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, who is renowned in surgery, was instrumental in her recovery, along with that of her beloved David, her family, and the wide array of supporters who send their aide:

We’d like to thank you again for the Help ‘Em Up Harness you sent us. I’ve been using the large size harness and have had nothing but a positive experience with it so far. It’s never pinched or hurt her as she is always in comfort and has plenty of range of motion when wearing it. She has another 1-2 months before she is able to safely bear her own weight. As always, thank you for your generous donation and I’m confident saying that your harness has and is still helping Lilly get back to her old self.

Please visit Lilly’s Facebook Page

—David Lanteigne


We use your Help ‘Em Up Harness for our female German Shepherd, Raven, who has Degenerative Myelopathy. Your product is far superior to other products we have used to aide her in her condition. The harness is durable, comfortable for her to wear, is well thought out and engineered. It makes it much easier for us to help her get up and around. DM is not an easy condition to work with and unfortunately, can be common to this breed. But your harness has made it much easier for all of us involved. Being that we are a German Shepherd rescue, we deal with a larger volume of dogs than most households and we are glad to spread the word about the Help ‘Em Up Harness. Thank you for producing such a quality product for those in need of assistance.

—Monty & Sheri Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue


Thank you for creating this harness!! I am a veterinarian in Western New York and this is my 11 yr old lab Winston. I used the Help-em-Up 2 years ago during his recovery from TPLO surgery. Now that he has torn his other ACL we are back to using the harness..without it I would not be able to get him up and down our stairs! We use your product extensively in our practice and it has been a life saver for both the patients and our patient care staff. Thank you again for creating a product that truly has a positive impact on the quality of life of pets and their owners!

—Dr. Melisa Wajda, Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center
New York


I would like to share with you how very helpful the Helpemup Harness has been to 11-year-old lab, Mello. Last fall, Mel began to have difficulty getting up from a sitting position. Although he was unable to stand on his own, once he was on his feet he was able to walk. It was determined to a tumor located on his lower spine, which was removed with surgery, and Mel is now cancer free. Our hope was he would stand on his own again, but this did not happen. Your harness has given Mel such great help! Mel is very comfortable in the harness and lifting him is no longer a struggle. Once we get him up, he is able to get his rear legs in a position to walk, which thankfully he does very well now. Our family thanks you and looks forward to many more years with our very special, loyal friend – and his handsome new harness!

—M. Predtasch & Family
New York


Having years of experience with all kinds of dog harnesses, trusses and dog wear of all kinds, I can say that yours is by far the best I’ve ever seen. Our Hoagie had disc surgery last February, and though recovering well, will need more and more helping up as the years pass. As I have a neck injury, it’s a godsend for me as well. We’re preparing and training him for this early with your harness. Superbly designed and flawlessly crafted with all the adjustments placed for a perfect and comfortable fit. Also a nice bonus touch with the reflective! Our Hoagie absolutely loves his! Thanks for a job well done, a true work of art and love.

—A. Pitt

Eddie’s Wheels

The Helpemup Harness is the perfect manual assist for those dogs who have mobility challenges. Beautifully designed to support the dog under it’s skeleton, with cushy padding in all the right places, adjustable and easy to use, this harness makes assisting a disabled pet so much easier. A dog can stay in it all day and perfect for moving animals into and out of mobility carts. Our dogcart customers love the Helpemup Harness.

—Leslie Grinnell, Eddie's Wheels


Our 12-year-old lab, Kona, is a total ‘road dog.’ He loves the car, and we like to take him with us whenever we can, but when he began having trouble getting into our SUV, he couldn’t come with us as much, and it really changed his disposition. The Help ‘Em Up Harness saved us. It not only ensures that this member of our fam- ily never gets left out on a road trip, and we are able to lift him and guide him more easily. It has absolutely boosted his self confidence! Kona is getting along in his elder years with some hip problems and arthritis and the harness provides a needed solution to help keep our dog active as long as possible.

—M. Jordan


Hey there! Here is our 11-year-old Dawson on his first boat ride of the summer with the new Help’em Up Harness on. How else do you think we got him in the boat! Ye hah!

—L. Casaccio
New Hampshire

Henry James

I purchased your Helpemup for my 11 year-old, 110 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback, Henry James. Henry had a total hip replacement. His non-surgical hip is very arthritic, so his recovery has been extremely difficult. As a canine physical therapist, I have access to a myriad of devices that are allegedly supposed to make the job of carting around a 100+ lb. dog easier – products I’ve often recommended to my clients as well. The best thing (and the ONLY thing that really worked with a reasonable degree of success) I’ve found is your harness. I can now lift Henry into a standing position by myself (until now it has been a 2-person operation) and he outweighs me! The other major benefit of your harness is that it allows the dog to place his feet correctly and actually walk without the hindrance of a sling. I am well able to control the amount of weight that Henry places on his back legs, which also makes the HelpEmUp Harness a great rehab device. Way to go!

—J. Magee, MS, CCRP, CCMT


I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you produced such an excellent product. When I found your company online my Chocolate Lab, Daley, had recently begun exhibiting symptoms of Degenerative Myelopathy and I was panicked at the thought of him losing his ability to walk and confused as to how I would be able to help him as time when on. (He weighs 80 lbs, I weigh 105 lbs.)

Daley is now 13 and due to hip dysplasia and increasing arthritis and back leg weakness, he wears your har- ness 99 percent of the time. I can honestly say that it is the most valuable tool I could have found – it helps me to help him do all the things that he continues to love so much – walks, rides in the car, trips to the park, socializing with the other dogs and hunting for stray balls at the tennis courts.

I have people ask me about Daley’s harness almost every day and I’ve been amazed at how many people are looking for help in caring for their older dogs. Daley’s been my dog since he was nine weeks old and at this point my goal for him is quality of life. Your product helps me meet that goal every day!

—C. Conway

Tank von Gierla

Thank you so much for the Harness! Tank looks great, and you have designed what I think is the best harness on the market. We are now both very happy! The harness you have engineered is fabulous, and I am so very thankful that I found your company. Tank thanks you too. He is 11.5 year old male German Shepherd, retired police dog — well trained in police/protection training, and has traveled all over the country for competitions and training exercises. Thank you again for everything.

—T. Williams (retired K9 police officer)
New Jersey


We lost Kasha two weeks ago. She was so athritic and close to not being able to get up at all. The harness really helped outside – she couldn’t have gotten around without it the last week. Inside she did better as we had covered all surfaces with carpet. I never thought I would miss that carpet in the kitchen but I do. These have been the hardest weeks of my life. Thank you for what you have done and I hope all is well with you and the business.

—K. Hyatt
British Columbia