The Conventional Hip Lift

The best fit for all females and most males

The conventional version of our dog lifting harness by Blue Dog Designs has a solid belly band and works very well for all female dogs and the majority of male dogs.

It has two fasteners on the belly band, for easier centering, an ergonomically designed belly band to fit under the pelvis, and padded support straps.

Male dogs whose penis is farther forward of their hind legs can wear the conventional hip lift, allowing them to urinate freely. We recommend this version for most dogs.

The belly band is made of neoprene and covered with fleece. It should be positioned under the pelvic plate, to provide additional support for the hips and spine.

The U-Band Hip Lift

The ultimate dog support harness for male dogs whose penis is located farther back.

The U-shaped opening in the belly band provides clearance for those male dogs who may be hindered from urinating by the conventional version. These dogs have a penis that is located further back between their hind legs or the tip of the penis is even, or slightly forward of their hind legs. The U-shaped opening helps them to urinate freely.

The armature used to create this opening is lightweight, ergonomically designed and padded so it provides easy clearance for urinating and is comfortable for male dogs when they are lying down.

Note: Dog harnesses are sold as a front & back combination. We do not recommend using the Hip Lift by itself as it may slide off, possibly causing injury to your dog. Also, do not leave it on your dog for over-extended lengths of time. Use it as needed and then when possible – remove.

Properly Fitting the Hip Lift

For most male dogs, the conventional belly band fits in front of the hind legs, behind the penis.

The whole penis shown here is farther forward of the hind legs. You need about 1-2 inches of space behind the penis in front of the hind legs for the conventional band (our solid belly band) to fit.

This dog will need the Conventional Hip Lift

On 20-25 percent of male dogs, the tip of their penis starts farther back between their legs. The U-band shape provides an easy opening so they can urinate freely.The penis shown here is between or even with the front of hind legs.

This dog will need the U-Band Hip Lift

Help 'Em Up Brochure (PDF)

Download the Help ‘Em Up Brochure

Help ‘Em Up Brochure (PDF)

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