The new walking accessories are customized to work together with the Help ‘Em Up Harness, and are designed to provide even more mobility to assist your aging dog. The Help Em Up Walking Accessories are made of two-inch nylon straps, comfortable neoprene padding, and reflective strips, with durable, poly-urethane handles and metal clips. The handle, leash and shoulder strap attach to the Help ‘Em Up Harness to help make walking and lifting larger dogs even easier.

Visit our Choosing a Walking Accessory page for more information on selecting the best size for your dog.

Walking Leash/Shoulder Strap

The Help ‘Em Up Harness Walking Leash/Shoulder Straps come in two sizes: medium/large and extra-large to accompany dogs using the medium, large and extra-large Help ‘Em Up Harness. The Walking Leash is adjustable and is used for walking, but also doubles as a shoulder strap for extra leverage when lifting and/or walking with bigger dogs. The Walking Leash/Shoulder strap is recommended for dogs using the Medium, Large, or X-Large Help ‘Em Up Harness; choose the leash size based on the size of your harness: M/L for medium and large harnesses, and XL leash for the XL harness or if you like having the extra strap for a large harness. For small dogs, we recommend using the walking handle.

Walking Handle

The Help ‘Em Up Walking Handle works well on all harness sizes and can be used as a single support to either the hip-lift handle, to especially help and lift dogs with hip issues (such as myelopathy), or to the front shoulder strap or both. The Walking Handle has a unique pivoting feature that allows the handle to swivel, providing greater maneuverability as a walking and lifting accessory for dogs. The walking handle provides function for those dogs who may need extra leverage or help up with lifting their hips and can attach to just the hip-lift handle. It can be used with the extra-small, small, medium and large harness.

Individual owners may have a preference of liking a walking handle, especially with small, medium and large dogs, or a longer leash that combines to make a shoulder strap for large or extra large dogs. Both walking accessories are user-friendly and can be rigged to the harness in varying ways.