Help 'Em Up Harness Features Diagram
  • Front D-ring

    Connect a leash to the front D-ring. Fastex fasteners are easy to use and can be operated even when the dogs are laying down.

  • Connecting Band

    Shortening the overall length of the harness is done here, with the connecting band. Unwanted strap lengths can be tucked in or cut.

  • Rear Support

    The two rear support straps fit on either side of your dog’s tail, keeping the Hip Lift properly positioned.

  • Around the Tail

    Center the pelvic pad under your dog’s pelvis. The pad can be made narrower or left off completely to provide space for intact males.

  • Around the Neck

    Adjust the length of the straps around the neck to open up the space for your dog’s neck. Tuck any additional strap length into the Neoprene sleeve.

  • Chest T-Pad

    A new O-ring and adjustment strap have been added to help position the T-shaped chest pad under your dog’s rib cage, and to create clearance just behind the front legs.

    Edges are lined with a soft fleece and pads are made of Neoprene. The T-pad is lined with an air-cooling material.

  • Belly Band

    The Conventional Hip Lift works best for most male dogs. The Belly Band fits between the front of their hind legs and their penis, as show above.

    If your dog’s penis is farther back between his legs, he may require the U-band version of the harness.

  • Pelvic Pad

    The Help’EmUp works well for dogs with rear leg amputations but dogs without a tail may find that the harness slides right and left.

    Some straps are sleeved with Neoprene to provide comfort. Look for additional strap lengths tucked into the sleeves.