The Help ’Em Up Harness with Hip Lift - Fitting Illustration

Your harness comes fully connected, as shown - the front half is connected to the Hip Lift (back half) and all of the additional straps connected as well. It is easiest to begin your fitting by detaching the two halves (front and back) and a few of the other straps.

The Help ’Em Up Harness with Hip Lift - Fitting Illustration
  • To make it easier the first time start by disconecting the front half from the Hip lift portion of the harness. Now disconect the two chest straps. This leaves a front opening that you can then pull over your dogs head.

  • Swing the bottom “T” shaped support pad back between your dogs front legs.

  • Now lift the 2 disconnected chest straps back up to the top and reconnect.

  • Now that the front half is in place - on the rear half - disconnect 3 of the 4 straps - one belly band strap & the 2 trailing support straps.

  • Now reconnect the rear half of the harness to the front by reconnecting the fastener on the connector strap.

  • Center the Hip Lift portion over your dogs spine letting the end of the disconnected belly band strap drop down.

  • Now reach under and pull the disconnected half of the Belly Band under and up to the top and reconnect.

  • Now pull the two trailing straps back between your dogs hind legs and refasten them up and on either side of the tail and reconnecting at the top.

  • Now make all of your final adjustments to all straps. It is easier to get the harness on first and then make final adjustments. Keep in mind that it is also easier to disconnect the straps to tighten them. Just unfasten - pull the strap tigher in the plastic connector and then reconnect.