Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I leave the Help’Em Up™ harness on my dog?
It can be worn for extended periods; however, we suggest that you give your dog breaks from wearing it. Let them sleep without it if possible or if you have a dog that needs a potty trip at 3am, take it off after they return. Also, watch for them chewing on it when left alone. If you are leaving it on for extended periods, please check for hot spots and overheating as it can become uncomfortable for your dog if left on for too long a time.
Q: Is it possible for my dog to urinate and defecate wearing the dog harness?
Yes! Neither males or females have problems defecating with the dog harness – as the support straps that come up between their hind legs are held apart by the dogs tail, giving consistent clearance for defecation. Female dogs have no urinating issues for the same reason. Most male dogs can use the conventional harness without issue, as their penis generally will come out in front of the belly band – giving them good clearance to urinate. However, for those male dogs whose penis starts further back, between their hind legs, the tip of their penis may be partially covered by the belly band. For them we have a male version that provides a cutout for penis clearance.
Q: Is my dog lifting harness washable?
Yes, all of our dog lifting harnesses can be machine or hand washed – but we recommend air drying. Dryers tend to dry out the neoprene over time. We do not recommend the use of bleach or other harsh detergents but mild soaps work great. Urine odor can be a problem so try to clean regularly and white vinegar and water in a 1 to 3 percentage works pretty well to cut the smell. There are also commercial cleaners available that can help to cut odor. Ask your favorite pet supplier for recommendations.
Q: What are the sizes for dog harnesses?
We have a separate page devoted to sizing but for a quick take – we currently make five versions: Extra-small dog harnesses for dogs 8 to 20 Lbs.; Small dog harnesses for dogs 20 to 35 Lbs.; Medium dog harnesses for dogs 35 to 70 Lbs., Large dog harnesses for dogs 70 to 110 Lbs. and Extra-large dog harnesses for dogs 110 to 220 Lbs. Owners have had it on even larger dogs with excellent results. We use weight primarily to get us in the ball park, then we get more specific with dimensions of neck, chest and waist. We build size flexibility into each of our dog harnesses as we need to accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes. From time to time we will mix a larger front half with a smaller Hip Lift (back half), we are happy to do so. A good fit makes for a happier dog. For more specific dimensions go to the sizing chart or call us for help at 720-237-6852.
Q: What if I ordered the wrong size harness or wrong style rear hip-lift harness?
If necessary, product may be exchanged within 7 days of receipt for a size exchange or exchange of style for the rear hip-harness (conventional or u-band) only. This is referred to as a size exchange or a SWAP of the rear hip-lift. We will cover the cost to ship this new item to you but you are responsible for return shipping fees back to us for your exchange. Please call ahead for authorization to make your exchange with us.
Q: What is the return policy?

All Sales are Final

The Help ‘Em Up Harness is a highly specialized therapeutic device. We do not accept returns. Limited exceptions are made for never worn product in an unopened package. Please call ahead for authorization to make your return with us.

A refund for a never used/unopen product does not include shipping or handling charges. You are responsible for the return shipping fee. Refunds are processed two weeks after we are in receipt of your unopen/never-used product and will credit back to your original form of payment less the shipping and handling charge.

Returns of used product are not eligible for a refund and will be returned at the customer’s expense or donated to an animal rescue or shelter.

Q: Can I use the back-end Hip Lift by itself?
The front half of the dog harness can be used alone but the Hip Lift (back Half) needs the connection to the front half to stay in place, otherwise it can slip off and could cause injury. However, with that said, it can be used by itself but only for a brief lift and is not meant to be left on by itself for longer periods of time.
Q: How can we set up an account with Blue Dog and do you have wholesale pricing?
Our dog lift harness is available for resale to qualified accounts. Please call us for specifics at 720-237-6852. We generally require a credit card to guarantee purchases.
Q: What are my shipping options?
Prices for shipping are listed in our store but for quick reference…Most dog harnesses ship via FedEx Ground which typically takes 4 to 5 working days and costs $12.00 including handling. We also offer FedEx Two working days at $24.00 and overnight(next business day) at $40.00. Any shipment that is requested to be delivered on a Saturday will be charged a priority fee and varies to location.These prices are available to customers in the US only. For Canada, we ship via FedEx International Ground and prices vary to provinces. Generally shipments take about 3 to 4 days and any additional duties and taxes will be charged to you upon receipt. Faster service is available to Canada but needs to be requested at the time of purchase. Call us at 720-237-6852 for service and additional quotes.For all other countries, we primarily ship via FedEx International. In shipping you can find general pricing for several cities. You can contact us for a specific quote. Taxes and Duties are additional and will be charged to you by your country. Upon request we will ship via U.S. Postal. They offer lower costs but unfortunately cannot be tracked.For business accounts, larger shipments will be sent FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested. Costs will vary by weight.Disputes over lost or late shipments will be handled through Blue Dog. Please call or e-mail for lost articles and we will process your claim with FedEx. We typically mark all shipments to be left with no signature required. Please let us know if you need signature required.
Q: What can I do with my dog harness if I no longer need it?
We are frequently asked this question and we suggest you donate it to your Vet, Vet Hospital or therapist as there are many dogs who are in need of its support. We also suggest a donation to your favorite animal shelter or adoption clinic as they will put the harness to good use.
Q: What can I do if my pup chews off a part of the dog harness or I need a second front or back half?
We do our best to replace Fastex Fasteners whenever we can, but from time to time the destruction is a bit more severe. We can sell you a replacement half of the dog harness in those instances. We do also sell front and back halves separately for this reason but many owners purchase a second half to have one on hand for cleaning purposes. Call to arrange to have a second dog harness half shipped. Also, the male half of the fasteners can be removed and replaced. You just cut off the folded edge that keeps it from sliding off the strap and replace with a same sized fastener. These fasteners are carried by companies like Eastern Mountain Sports and REI as well as some regional chains that specialize in outdoor gear. Hunting and fishing companies have them as well. Check to make sure the fastener fits into your female piece before buying as many of these part look similar but are slightly different in size.