Thank you for buying a Help ’Em Up Dog Harness.

You can follow the steps below, or watch a video demonstration with instructions on how to put the harness on your dog.

Step 1

The first time you put the harness on your dog, it’s easier to separate the front half from the Hip Lift portion. The more you use it, the easier it is to put on.

Step 2

With the large handle to the top, slip the front half of the harness over your dog’s head, as shown. The handle should rest on top of your dog’s spine.

Step 3

Reaching down between the front legs, pull the bottom half of the harness between the front legs. Lifting each strap up one at a time, bring the male half up to the female half at the top, near the handle.

Step 4

Insert the male half of the fastener into the female half and repeat with the other side.

Step 5

After the fasteners are attached, you can make adjustments to the length of each strap – four total. Ideally, you are trying to position the bottom of the harness under the chest of your dog.

Step 6

All straps are padded with neoprene sleeves maximizing comfort for your dog. Use the neoprene sleeves to tuck the excess strap in, leaving a little loop of the strap exposed to tighten when needed. Straps will loosen with use. Occasional tightening will be necessary.

Step 7

Once the front half is on, open the back half by unfastening one of the two main connectors and the two narrower straps at the back. Position the handle directly over the top of the spine and connect the back Hip Lift to the front half with the main connector strap.

Step 8

Pull the unconnected fastener under your dog’s belly and connect it at the top as shown at left. You can now adjust the belly band to center the two bottom straps under your dog’s pelvis. For the male version, adjust the belly band forward or back to place the U-shaped opening slightly forward of your dog’s penis by adjusting the length of the main connector strap at the top.

Step 9

Pull the two trailing straps up on either side of your dog’s tail and connect. Now position the pelvic pad directly under your dog’s pelvis. It can be moved by releasing and reattaching the Velcro.

Step 10

The pelvic pad should fit right between your dog’s rear legs. You may have to make a few adjustments to position it by fastening and unfastening the two trailing straps in order get it perfectly positioned. The pelvic pad is optional and can be removed if your male dog is still intact as it may cause fitting issues.

Help 'Em Up Brochure (PDF)

Download the Help ‘Em Up Brochure

Help ‘Em Up Brochure (PDF)

Caution: Use only on dogs as an aide in lifting or restraining. The dog harness will need to be adjusted to properly fit each dog’s dimensions. Follow sizing instructions and refer to the diagram. Do not leavethe dog lifting harness on a dog for over-extended periods of time–use it as needed and then take it off. Loosen straps especially if your dog wants to lie down in it, to help prevent hot spots, any chaffing or overheating with sensitive skin. Take it off at night and let your dog sleep without it. Use proper care and clean regularly.