Choosing the Right Harness

Determining the proper size of a dog support harness for your dog is based on two things – weight and dimensions. Weight gets us into the ballpark and the dimensions for neck, chest and waist give us a more specific determination. Because each dog is unique, we’ve designed the dog support harness to provide as much flexibility as possible.

While some dogs gain weight with age, others may slim down. Certain hip and spine issues can cause the chest of dogs to deepen while their hips and waist become narrower. With the three dog lifting harnesses currently offered, you should be able to get a very good fit for virtually any dog from 10 to 220 pounds.

In some cases, we may require putting a Large or Extra Large front half together with the next size down in Hip Lift. At Blue Dog Designs, we are happy to put the two together to provide a more optimal fit. For other questions call: 720-237-6852.

  • Small Harness
    10-30 lbs

    Medium Harness
    30-75 lbs

    Large Harness
    70-110 lbs

    X-Large Harness
    110-220 lbs

    Harness Dimensions

    Neck: 7-20″
    Chest: 8-24″
    Waist: 12-24″
    Neck: 12-26″
    Chest: 16-36″
    Waist: 15-26″
    Neck: 20-36″
    Chest: 20-40″
    Waist: 16-30″
    Neck: 20-40″
    Chest: 24-44″
    Waist: 18-36″

    Harness Colors

    Black and Gray with Red accents Black and Gray with Orange accents Black and Gray with Blue accents Black and Gray with Gold accents