How People Are Modifying Their Homes For Dogs and Cats

Lindsey ZimmermanSenior Dogs

Trends in homes constantly change. It used to be that homes had formal living rooms and dining rooms, which has given way to the concept of a more casual “great room”. And who would have anticipated years ago that there would be such a thing as a video room or rooms to accommodate 70 – 80” TVs?

The same thing is happening in the way people are modifying their homes for pets. Not only has there been a resurgence in childless couples moving to the suburbs so their pets have more room, but those building a home are adding certain dog-friendly amenities. If you are thinking about building a home in the near future or renovating an unused room, consider these great suggestions from Dogtime:

  1. Dog-friendly showers. If you have every tried to give a dog a bath in a slippery bath tub, you know how hard it can be. Also, many times the weather outside is too cold or too warm to bathe dogs outside. Many people are building showers right off their back door or laundry room, so when the dog comes in with muddy paws, it’s not traipsed all over the house. Depending on the size of your dog, a walk-in shower would be great! Pinterest is full of ideas on how to modify a shower, bathroom or mud room into a pet-wash station.
  2. Fenced in back yards. More and more pet owners are building fences not for privacy reasons, but so their dog has a place to relax and stay safely contained. The added bonus is it keeps dogs away from other stray dogs or natural predators. Be very careful when building a fence that your dog can’t jump over or escape by digging underneath.
  3. Tile replacing carpet. Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that tile or stained concrete is easier to maintain than carpeting. The tile that looks like hardwood floors has become very popular. Especially if you have a senior dog that is incontinent or arthritic, tile makes cleaning up messes easier. Plus, hardwood floors can be ruined by cat claws and pet paws.
  4. Designer dog doors. It used to be that dog doors were relegated to sliding glass windows. Now you can easily and fashionably install them in walls, doors, patio doors and even screen doors. They have fully electronic dog and cat doors where a dog’s pet collar triggers door panels to raise quickly and quietly. No more drafts!
  5. Sound proof rooms. Does your dog go crazy on the fourth or July when the fireworks erupt? Or get scared when the thunder booms? The answer is a soundproof room just to keep pets comfortable. Builders suggest using cotton panels or polyester tiles that reduce noise by 30%.
    Like a “panic room” for dogs or cats!
  6. Indoor potty stations. We have all been faced with torrential rain or snow that prevents us or our dogs from wanting to go outside. Indoor potty stations with antimicrobial fake grass have now become quite popular. Don’t want your cat roaming the neighborhood? Build a “catio” space off your deck or patio that is essentially a playground for your cat. Pinterestalso has some great ideas to create your own porch potty.
  7. Designer dog houses. Not only are many dog houses heated and air conditioned, but many look like “mini-mansions”. Some even include hot tubs, swimming pools, electricity and even front porches.
  8. Custom feeding stations. Does your dog slop water or food all over or does your cat fling his food? This Old House can tell you how to build a custom feeding station for pets to dine and messes to be contained.

Whether you’re a cat or dog person, pets are starting to enjoy the same creature comforts that only children or adults could enjoy previously. After all, they are “family members”!

Would you consider modifying your home to accommodate your pet? Let us know in the comments below!