Six Dog Friendly Holiday Activities

The holidays are a great time of the year to spend some quality time with our loved ones, whether human or furry. Although decorating, feasting and shopping are normal activities for us, they are not dog-friendly. Why not choose some dog friendly holiday activities where everyone can have fun?

Here are six pet friendly and family-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy!

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Get Great Dog Photos Over the Holidays

Do you have any great photos of your dog? Dogs can be hard to capture, particularly because they don’t like to keep still.

The holidays are a great time to take photos of your dog, chronicling his growth year after year. Unlike their owners, pets don’t know what we are asking of them – posing for the camera is not something they do every day. It’s hard for dogs to take selfies!

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Fourth Of July Safety Tips For Your Aging Dog

fourthofjulyWithout a doubt, the Fourth of July is the highlight of the summer for many people as we celebrate our nation’s birthday. Who doesn’t love a good barbeque topped off by a fireworks display?

Your dog. In fact, the American Humane Association reports that July 5 is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. Why? Because many dogs flee in panic and end up getting lost or injured.

Many dogs do not like loud noises and the bright lights of fireworks that go along with this celebration. To keep your pets calm, here are some tips from Help’EmUp:

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The Best In Senior Dog Gifts

dreamstime_m_16036520_2If you’re like me, you are pondering what to get everyone for the holidays … chances are Mom and Dad have everything and the little ones have so many toys, they could open their own toy store!

And you can’t forget your dog, one of the most important members of your family. Because we deal with senior dogs all the time, here are our top 8 holiday gifts ideas for your pampered pooch:

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Your Dog

dreamstime_m_5239761_2As the calendar turned over to November and daylight savings time ended, my thoughts quickly turned to the holidays. They are just around the corner … the mad rush is about to begin!

I remember one year when our spunky puppy managed to sneak into the garbage can after our Thanksgiving dinner and almost choked on a turkey bone. Another year our neighbor’s dog was happily munching on a poinsettia plant and became violently ill and had to be rushed to a 24 hour vet.

It made me realize that often in the rush of the holidays, with unfamiliar people over at the house, that dog safety can fly out the window. Here’s some tips to keep you and your pooch safe, so you can enjoy the holidays versus spending them in an emergency room!

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Take Your Dog to Work Day 2015

Take your dog to workDo you work in a dog friendly environment? We have all heard the phrase “working like a dog” but on June 26 it’s actually Take Your Dog to Work Day, an event sponsored by Pet Sitters International for more than 18 years. Why?

First, it raises awareness for the adoption of homeless animals. Additionally, research has shown that pets in the workplace bring many benefits including a reduction in stress and blood pressure, improvement in employee morale and motivation, lower absenteeism rates, improved relationships among co-workers, and a dose of comic release. More and more companies are allowing dogs in the workplace – in fact, about 1.4 million owners take some 2.3 million dogs to work every day, according to an American Pet Products Association survey.

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