July is National Pet Fire Safety Month

Lindsey ZimmermanDog Safety

dreamstime_m_698684_2Did you know more than 40,000 pets die each year in house fires and that 1,000 dogs cause fires every year? As the summer heats up, so too does the danger of fire. Here are some tips to keep both you and your dog safe.

How Pets Start Fires

  • Candles create a beautiful glow, but can be a fire hazard as your dog or cat knocks them off a table. Now they make flameless candles, which are just a pretty as the real ones … plus they are less messy! Pets are curious so be careful of them approaching fireplaces as well.
  • Do not let your dog or cat chew electrical cords. Be careful of crock pots that can be tipped over while you are away from home and your pet is alone.
  • Believe it or not, many dogs and cats have managed to turn on a stove or range with their tails! Consider stove top covers like the kind used to baby proof your home.
  • Puppies can often chew through cords and start electrical fires. You may want to keep your puppy in a crate while you are gone during the day to keep him out of mischief.
  • Beware of water bowls on wooden decks. The hot rays of the sun, when filtered through a glass water bowl can actually ignite the wooden deck.

Keeping Your Pet Safe In Case of a Fire

  • Always have a pet alert sticker on your front window alerting emergency personnel how many dogs or cats are inside. This critical information can save a lot of time for rescuers who may be trying to locate your pets.
  • Get together an emergency kit for your pet and leave it near an exit. The kit should include a leash or carrier, food, water bottle, bowls, and any necessary medications. Also, include a current copy of your dog’s veterinary records.
  • In the chaos of a fire, pets may run away. Make sure your pet has a microchip or current emergency contact information.

For the safety of your whole family, change the batteries in your smoke detector twice a year and have an emergency evacuation plan. As part of the plan, determine which family member will be in charge of each pet. Also, know where your pets hide, as this is where you’ll likely find them if there is a fire.

Help ‘Em Up Harness  wishes you a safe and happy summer!