Lilly the Pit Bull Hero

Lilly The Pit Bull With a Help 'Em Up Lifting Harness, Dog harness

This is the story of Lilly – the Pit Bull Hero – and the incredible rescue of her owner: Eight-year old Lilly was hit by a train in early May — before she was hit, Lilly pulled her owner out of the tracks and sacrificed herself to save a human life. Her right front leg could not be repaired and the only option was to amputate the entire limb. She endured a second surgery to repair her pelvis and rear left leg which is now supported with steel plates. Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, who is renowned in surgery, was instrumental in her recovery, along with that of her beloved David, her family, and the wide array of supporters who send their aide:

We’d like to thank you again for the Help ‘Em Up Harness you sent us. I’ve been using the large size harness and have had nothing but a positive experience with it so far. It’s never pinched or hurt her as she is always in comfort and has plenty of range of motion when wearing it. She has another 1-2 months before she is able to safely bear her own weight. As always, thank you for your generous donation and I’m confident saying that your harness has and is still helping Lilly get back to her old self.

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March 28, 2014

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